Walking to Water

"Positioned within the exhibition Vancouver 1965 - 1975: Context and Influences, Vancouver artist Judith Williams' installation Walking to Water presents a three-dimensional web of influence and interaction that evokes the community of artists working in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver during the decade 1965 - 1975.

"Walking to Water includes texts by Williams and Gladys Hindmarch, together with a city street map of Kitsilano from the 1960's, which have been painted onto fibreglass screening. Also presented here are the names of artists and writers who lived in the area during this period, including many of the artists whose influence makes up Vancouver 1965 - 1975: Context and Influences.

"It has been noticed that Williams' panels function like a West Coast mist 'floating over something and then disappearing.' Within Walking to Water words memories, names and maps appear overlap and disappear as the viewer moves by and around the work. In evoking an atmosphere more than a specific statement, Walking to Water calls up the interaction between personal memory and constucted history, and in so doing points toward the provisional nature of both."


Grant Arnold, Associate Curator.

 Installation Slide Show: