Whose Story Is This?


Whose Story Is This?


Surrey Art Gallery, November 8 – Dec 2, 1990

Victoria Art Gallery, July 31, 1992-Sept 13, 1992


Catalogue: Liane Davison, The Surrey Art Gallery.

Reviews: Anne Rosenberg, The Vancouver Sun, November 24, 1990.



Installation Slide Show




Whose Story Is This - Cover

Log A, A Voyage Round


Mixed media on unstretched canvas

Camping with transformers, installation view

installation, canvas tarp, video, rope, beam, cannister, paper tapes and small canvases, 1990

Camping with transformers, detail

Camping with transformers, more detail

Camping with Transformers/British Colonist

Camping with transformers, detail with The British Colonist

The British Colonist

 The British Colonist, metal cannister and Smallpox tapes.

British Colonist Cannister Text Tapes

Camping with transformers, back

back side of tarp

'I Think of them Singing' video

Ring Round a Rosie

Ring round a Rosie,

detail of Camping with transformers,

oil paint on canvas, 1990


wood, rope, plexiglass and boat seat model

Reading/Redoing, Log A detail